Q: How do I earn PlatePoints?
A: You earn PlatePoints based on your Dream Dinners activity. You earn 1 PlatePoint for every dollar you spend. You also earn PlatePoints for bonus activities, including:

  • Double points when you sign up for your next qualifying order before or during your current month's visit
  • Invite Friends - get 10 Dinner Dollars for each new friend you refer to Dream Dinners that completes an order
  • Rate your dinners in My Reviews on DreamDinners.com - earn 5 PlatePoints per qualifying meal you rate

Q: What happens if I don't place my order before or during a visit?
A: You still earn PlatePoints! You will earn 1 PlatePoint for every dollar you spend on your order, but you will not earn bonus points.

Q: When do I get my PlatePoints for my orders?
A: PlatePoints appear in your account 7 days after your visit. PlatePoints for bonus activities, like rating your dinners in My Meals, appear immediately after you complete the activity. Dinner Dollars for friend referrals are awarded 7 days after your friends visit.

Q: What are my PlatePoints worth?
A: You receive 5 Dinner Dollars for every 200 PlatePoints you earn.

Q: What is the difference between PlatePoints and Dinner Dollars?
You are awarded PlatePoints for every dollar you spend plus extra PlatePoints for bonus activities. PlatePoints never expire.

Dinner Dollars, like a voucher, are made to be spent. You are awarded 5 Dinner Dollars for every 200 PlatePoints you earn. Your Dinner Dollars expire 45 days from their issue date. Simply apply them to a future order within the 45-day window to redeem.   

Q: Is there a limit on the PlatePoints I can earn per day/month/year?
A: There is no limit to the PlatePoints you can earn.

Q: What are pending points?
A: These PlatePoints are "pending" until 7 days after your visit, or your friend's visit has taken place. This ensures that any change in the order (e.g. additional items ordered, a cancellation or reschedule) is accounted for and your PlatePoints are calculated correctly.