Q: My store isn't participating in PlatePoints. Why not?
A: Most Dream Dinners locations are franchises with independent owners. These owners can choose to opt out of corporate programs like PlatePoints. If you would like your store to participate, please let them know.

Q: What happens to my Dinner Dollars if I move or my store stops participating in the program?
A: As long as you are enrolled in the program, you will continue to earn PlatePoints for your purchases and bonus activities, but Dinner Dollars can only be redeemed in participating stores. If you are moving to a new location, we suggest calling the local Dream Dinners location to see if they are participating. If they are, then your Dinner Dollars will transfer. If they are not participating, we suggest using your Dinner Dollars before you move.

If your store discontinues the PlatePoints program, you can use your Dinner Dollars at a different participating Dream Dinners location.